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gravity.inked is a game for Android phones where you guide your alien guy through a sea of hand drawn widgets. Some attract, some repel and others are collectible. Sometimes it looks like this:

Ultimately the goal of the game is to earn 3 stars on each level.

  • One star is earned simply by passing the goal line.
  • One star is earned by collecting all the rocks.
  • One star is earned by collecting all the rocks under a time limit displayed at the beginning of each board

Stars earn you customizable effects, hats and beards.

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where did this come from?

gravity.inked is the love child of wanting to expand my knowledge of the android platform and having summers off for the past few years. it took a year and a half to develop. every line of code and bit of art in the game was created by me, joe elliott. if you'd like to learn more about how the game was created and the tools used check out this page.