hat adjuster

So I’ve been preparing for a new release which includes a lot of new hats, beards and a second character. Each hat and beard require unique coordinates and sizes for each of the characters and so I created a web UI to help speed the process of positioning all of the accessories. Check it out:

hat adjustment for the masses

Development Thoughts

Anyone who has spent time in software development is probably cringing when they see that I’m copying and pasting auto-generated code into my Android application. Cringe away. I spent 7 years writing maintainable, extendable, reliable, well-designed software for YUM Brands. At the beginning of this project I decided that learning the Android platform, having fun and trying to create something unique were the goals of the code at the expense of all else.

Also my usage of AngularJS is pretty crappy. There are a large number of javascript frameworks with overlapping functionality that are designed to speed up development of web applications. I’m trying to get started with some of these frameworks and it was a first try with Angular. I intend to use it with another project in the near future and this was just an opportunity to screw it up once before I needed to use it correctly.