dev overview


gravity.inked is written in the Java programming language using an IDE called Eclipse. An IDE is specialized software for writing other software (kind of like photoshop for images). gravity.inked is composed of 15000+ lines of code across 26 code files and 2 data files. Here’s what it looks like when I’m working on the code that creates gravity.inked.


sketch animator

I also had to write two pieces of support software from scratch: a level editor and an image animator. Both of these pieces of software were created using Java and Eclipse as well. I created the image animator because my original idea was to have all of the elements draw themselves on the screen at the beginning of the level. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, that didn’t happen. This program tracks and records your mouse movements across an image so it can animate it back later. I used it to create the drawing animation at the start of the level.